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Toll Free Calling Services and  Numbers
You can share your Toll-free number with everyone who needs to reach you. The best thing about having your own 800 number is it allows the special people in your life to call you at home from any phone. You can have an 800/888/877/866 number so your college student can call home. It is more cost effective than the long distance services in your home, and your child can call you from anywhere. If you are just starting a home based business, it may help you appear larger and more established than you are.

And about the toll free service, when you dial a telephone number with an area code like 800, 888 or 877, the person or company you call pays the bill, not you. In most localities, you might have to dial a "1" before the "800". Don't confuse toll-free "800" service with "900" or other pay per call or pay per minute services. If you dial '900' you will be charged depending upon the service provider.

Business: Toll free numbers are most useful for the business purposes and anyone can call from a touch tone or public phone to the organizations. Find best deals, news and directory of toll free numbers.

Residential: Give this number to near and dear. Family and friends live a long-distance call away? Give them your toll free number and they will stay in touch more often. If you move to some other place, your toll free number stays the same. We are providing best Internet sites and deals at your convenience.

Toll Free Numbers are free to dial, but you have to pay to get your own number.

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Toll Free Numbers and Services

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Note: Most of the toll-free numbers are free to call with in the country, but there will be a charge to call other country's toll-free numbers.

The following is a reference to a sample list of some countries and their toll-free numbers.

Australiaa  - 008 xxx xxx   ,  0014 ttt xxx xxx

Belgium - 11 xxxx

Denmark - 800 xxxxx

Finland - 9800 xxxxx (...)  , 0800 xxxxx (...) 

France - 05 xxxxxx, 05 19 xx xx, 36 63 xx xx 

Germany   ( w e s t ) -  0130 xxxx (...xx)

Ireland - 1800 xxxxxx

Italy - 167 xxxxx

Mexico - 91 800 xxxxx....

Netherlands - 06-0xxx, 06-0xxxxxx

NewZealand - 0800 xxx xxx     

North America - 1 800 nxx xxxx   

Spain - 900 xxxxxx      

Sweden - 020 xxxxxx    

Switzerland - 04605 xxxx, 155 xx xx      

United Kingdom - 0800 xxx xxx 

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