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Susteen DataPilot Kit DP250-103K (Samsung SCH-A990)

Susteen DataPilot Kit DP250-103K (Samsung SCH-A990)

Susteen DataPilot Kit DP250-103K (Samsung SCH-A990) - DataPilot Universal for Samsung USB Kit is an advanced cell phone sync software solution that allows end-users to manage their contact information, access the Internet and check e-mails while on the go, personalize their cell phone with ring tones and images and stay in sync with their appointments in Outlook or Outlook Express. The Samsung data transfer kit included in the package enables FREE transfer of mobile content between cell phone and PC and allows you to save significant over the air charges.

-DataPilot Software CD
-3 Samsung USB Cables compatible with different Samsung phones and PDA phones

System Requirements:
-Microsoft Windows Windows 2000, XP, Vista
-Pentium 100 MHz or higher CPU
-32MB minimum RAM
-15MB of free HDD space
-800x600 or higher resolution, 256 colors or higher
-USB or Serial port
-CD-ROM drive

Buy this quality data kit today and we'll ship it to your home or business for FREE! Wireless Emporium GUARANTEES your satisfaction on all of our quality cell phone data cables and connectivity kits. LIMITED SUPPLY - ORDER NOW!

Datapilot Universal Kit W/ Bluetooth Universal Kit with Bluetooth is a complete cell phone data transfer solution

Datapilot Universal Kit W/ Bluetooth Datapilot is a complete cell phone data transfer solution

Datapilot Universal Kit W/ Bluetooth DataPilot Universal Kit with Bluetooth is a complete cell phone data transfer solution for all your mobile phone needs no matter the carrier. It includes nine charging phone connectors and 1 Bluetooth adapter to accommodate cable support for the most popular phones in the market such as Motorola Samsung LG Nokia Sanyo Audiovox Pantech and Sony Ericsson. Just plug the corresponding connector or Bluetooth adapter and start syncing your cell phone information in seconds. Universal Cable System Transfer data with more than 400 of the most popular Motorola LG Samsung Nokia Sanyo Audiovox Pantech and Sony Ericsson phone Manage multiple phones with just one kit or simply transfer mobile content from one phone to the next It includes 9 charging cables and 1 Bluetooth adapter delivering over 275 in future cable purchases Backup Edit and Sync Your Cell Phone Contacts and Schedule with Popular PIMs Backup your cell phone address book in case you lose break damage or change your handset Keep your cellular phonebook in sync with your Outlook Outlook Express and Palm Desktop contacts Stay on top of your business schedule with easy sync of your cell phone calendar with your Outlook appointments Edit your cell phone address book and calendar using your computer's keyboard Stay Connected to the Internet Anywhere Dial up to the Internet using your cell phone as a wireless modem Check emails and surf the web to access important on-line information anytime anywhere Personalize Your Cell Phone with One-of-the-kind Ringtones and Pictures Transfer your MP3 and MIDI files stored on your computer to your cell phone FREE via data cables.

SnapDialer Software for Cell Phone Internet Access

SnapDialer Software for Cell Phone Internet Access

OVERVIEW: FutureDial's SnapDialer™ Software is an ideal tool for today?s mobile professional that enables quick and easy access to the Internet via your Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless or T-Mobile mobile phone connected to your laptop PC. With SnapDialer™ Software, you can use your current data-enabled mobile phone as a ?wireless modem? for your laptop PC to bring the World Wide Web to display on your PC?s larger screen, for easier web surfing and email viewing. SnapDialer™ Software lets you enjoy true Internet connectivity and viewability while you are away from home or the office. BENEFITS: No More Squinting: Tired of squinting at tiny web content on your mobile phone?s display. Now you can view webpages the regular way on the larger screen of your laptop PC. No More Phone Keypad Web Navigation: Frustrated by navigating the Web using tiny mobile phone keypads or limited screen menus. Now you can use your mouse and PC keyboard to wirelessly surf the Web.

  • Sprint PCS Users: If you have a 2G digital phone with Sprint, you need to have data added to your “voice” plan. Speeds will be limited to 14.4Kbps. If you have a Sprint 3G phone, you need to select a “vision” plan. Speeds can range from 50kbps to 110kbps depending on signal strength and network congestion (quantity of subscribers accessing the network at any given time). An awesome experience for you road warriors!
  • Verizon Wireless Users: Verizon's basic subscription plan already includes data minutes, so no additional data plan is necessary. Verizon 3G phone owners will need the "Express Network" plan. Speeds will be very similar to Sprint, again depending on your coverage and network congestion.
  • Contact your carriers’ customer care or retail store if you don’t know whether your phone is 2G or 3G.
  • AT&T Wireless & T-Mobile Users: If you have a GPRS phone with AT&T Wireless or T-Mobile, you will need a data plan subscription with your carrier, and connection speeds can range up to 115 kbps depending on signal strength and network congestion.
  • Cingular Wireless Users: FutureDial has plans to address Cingular phones as soon as the carrier's higher speed network is deployed more broadly across the nation.

    Wireless Connectivity
    FutureDial's SnapDialer™ Software provides easy wireless Internet connections for your laptop PC through your cellular carrier's mobile data network in just two easy mouse clicks. Your carrier will charge data airtime rates. Contact your wireless carrier for rate plans applicable to your usage.


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