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Bose® Home Theater 6.1 channel Speaker System

Looking for home theater speakers that amplify your movie watching experience without leaving you broke? Consider Boston Acoustics, a leading brand in home audio.
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How to Experience Hi Quality Sound With Bose® Speaker System?

Speakers and Subwoofer: Buy a Bose® Acoustimass® 10 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System or Bose® Acoustimass® 15/16 6.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System which is on sale for $899 - $1099. (Bose used to give a Free 6.1 Upgrade Kit By Mail-In-Rebate With Your Purchase Of A Bose Acoustimass 15 Home Entertainment Speaker System. Free 6.1 Upgrade Kit By Mail-In-Rebate is offered by Bose and Expired on 3/17/06.)

Receiver: Buy a receiver (We have tried Onkyo Receiver) that fits in to your budget and you will save around $600 to $1000 to experience the top quality sound from the bose speakers.

Bose Acoustimass:

The top-of-the-line Bose Acoustimass® home theater speaker system offers the small size and big sound that you expect from Bose, but adds a powered Acoustimass module that gives you the right amount of bass, all the time. During movies, you'll feel bass effects that bring you to the edge of your seat. Switch to music and the sound remains full and natural. Crank up the volume until your walls shake, or lower it to a whisper. You'll find these speakers consistently offer powerful sound with lifelike realism.

With the Acoustimass home theater speaker system, the only thing you'll notice are tiny cube speakers arrays — until you hear the sound. These Direct/Reflecting® cube speaker arrays can be swiveled, so you can simultaneously reflect sound off walls and project it into a room. Each cube speaker array is acoustically compatible, so you experience lifelike, multi-channel sound effects without lots of fine-tuning.

The other part of the speaker system, the powered Acoustimass module, is engineered to be hidden out of sight. Inside the module, dedicated Bose amplification for the bass supplements the power of your surround sound receiver. The result is louder, more powerful bass — for an experience with greater impact. When you raise or lower the volume, Bose integrated signal processing automatically adjusts the bass for lifelike realism — letting you enjoy all the performance at all volume levels. And Bose multi-channel bass extraction and summation re-creates deep bass for all channels — including the center and surround channels. You enjoy a roomful of high-performance sound, with exceptional bass, without the usual room full of giant speakers.

The Bose® technologies inside these speakers automatically work with surround sound receivers rated up to 200 watts per channel, making setup simple. And the convenience doesn't end there — they arrive in one box with a quick setup guide.

Bose® Acoustimass® Speaker System Specifications:

Cube speakers: 6¼" (H) x 3" (W) x 4" (D)
Acoustimass module: 14" (H) x 23-3/8" (W) x 7½" (D)
Weight: Approximately 50 lbs. in shipping carton

 Bose® Acoustimass® 15 and 16 Home Theater Speaker Systems now available in Silver #972415S and #972416S

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