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Roadside Help:

When you are traveling, you can dial emergency numbers from the cellular, also there will be some call boxes on highways for your connivance. You can dial 911 if it is an emergency. For directory help dial 411, *411 or 1-411 from your Cellular and get the required information from the service provider. But there will be some charge on this type of calls depending upon the service provider. Click Here to find Free Directory Assistance resources

Emergency Calls:
In case of an emergency that requires the police, fire department, para-medics or an ambulance, dial "911". You should only dial "911" for a real emergency, not just for routine calls to these public agencies. In areas that do not have "911" service, dial the telephone operator ("0") and ask for help.

   San Diego Call Box Program
   San Diego Freeway Service Patrol

Driving Directions

Dial DIR-ECT-IONS Get Turn-by-turn directions by text message in your Mobile
Need directions to an address anywhere in the continental US? In any US city, dial 1-DIRECTIONS –1-347-328-4667–into a cell phone and give your starting address and destination. You can give an address or an intersection.

adNav Boomerang - ad-supported mobile concierge system with built-in GPS navigation
Featuring restaurant and city guides, weather, currency exchange calculators and mobile Internet access, it's designed for hotels, airlines and car rental agencies to offer as an amenity for travelers.

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Excite Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages® OnLine Home
AOL NetFind
Yellow Pages Search
Switchboad Yellow Pages, White Pages and Phone Book
Msn White Pages


TOLL-FREE Directory Help:

Internet 800 Directory
Toll-free service.
ICB 800 Toll Free News
800 888 877 toll free

IMPORTANT: The most of the information provided here is latest and collected from other websites or from service providers. We cannot guaranty the accuracy, since the companies policies are subject to change at anytime. But we will update the information in a regular basis.