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Rechargeable Calling Cards, International Phone cards
Rechargeable/ Post Paid Calling Cards Get 10 Free International Minutes - PINLESS
Pinless Dialing Works With Any Phone. To quickly access commonly called numbers, we have now included a convenient Speed Dial. Now you will not have to enter even a destination number! Rechargeable 24/7 Live Customer Service.
EnjoyPrepaid Rechargeable International Calling Cards - Free Trial! ($10 Free)
Enter PIN once and it remembers for future calls. You can automatically recharge your account and avoid unwanted disconnections. Enjoy Prepaid's Global Access Numbers can be used from abroad to any country.
Holiday Phone Cards Speedy Pin Rechargeable Calling Cards- TalkToHome.Com Affiliate
- PINs delivered instantly by e-mail 1 minute rounding. No extra fees. As low as 1 cents per minute.
Rechargeable Prepaid Phone Cards @
Find the lowest rechargeable and pin less dialing calling cards available on the web.
CogniCall Monthly billed calling card, global origination
Works from over 50 countries, featuring LOW international and interstate rates, no monthly or per call minimum charges, 6-second billing. Online signup and call details. Automatic credit card billing.
AccuLinQ Calling Card from 4.9¢/minute
Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, monthly billed card. There is no per-call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online signup and account management system.
AccuChat from 3.9¢/minute
Domestic Calling Card Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, featuring Low Domestic 4.9¢ rates from local access areas and 6.9¢ rate from national access areas, or 3.9¢ from the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.
AccuGlobe Global Origination Calling Card
Outstanding (USA-48 AND International Origination) service, featuring low international and interstate rates. Billed monthly, the regular cost of interstate service is 5.9¢ per minute.
iConnectHere Calling Card - International Access
Great calling card with toll free access number in 28 countries. No connection and expiration fees and great International rates. Online account access available. Huge savings - signup now and get $5 bonus!
USATEL Rechargeable Calling Card
Rechargeable Prepaid Calling Card. (US-48 origination). 5.9¢ per minute US domestic rate. No surcharges of any kind, no monthly fees, (65¢ FCC payphone fee may apply) Super Low International Rates!
PowerNet Global 9.7¢/minute calling card
Ride the Light of the Fiber Optic Nationwide Network of Qwest with stand alone travel card offered by PowerNet Global featuring 9.7 US domestic rate anytime and great International rates.

NobelCom 0.5 cents 3822 min. for $20/- and more - Refer your friends and earn reoccurring 5% commission on the referral purchases.


  Free Phone Card Offer Get your Free Phone Card Delivered Instantly by E-Mail !

 What can you do with 1 cent? Call the US from anywhere in the world! Get a $5 Bonus to make Worldwide Calls with iConnecthere! - Automatic Recharging.. No Connection Fee.. No Monthly Fee.

  Wallmart AT&T 250-Minute Prepaid Phone Card

   Wallmart AT&T 500-Minute Prepaid Phone Card

   Wallmart AT&T 1,000-Minute Prepaid Phone Card

Residential Long Distance:
Starts from 1.7 Cents a minute. Click Here!
Free PC-To-Phone:
Unlimited Free Calling anywhere in US from a computer to any phone. Click Here!
Free Long Distance:
Make Free Long Distance Calls. Click Here!
Free Calling Cards:
Just Submit your email address and receive free calling cards up to 50 minutes long. Click Here!


* IMPORTANT: Most of the information provided here is latest and collected from the service provider websites. We cannot guaranty the rates, since the companies Rates are subject to change anytime. But we will update the information in a regular basis.

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