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Pc-To-Phone Calls to and from India - PC-To-PC is free, PC-To-Phone starts from 1.77 Rupees/ 1 cent  to call anywhere in the world.
Cheap Long Distance rates from USA to anywhere - India-27�, Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK-5�, USA-1.9�.
Click Here for Unlimited-Long Distance services - $20/month or $1/ day on calls made in united states. 

Calling Cards to Bangalore: Compare & Buy
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Residential Long distance: better than AT&T/ MCI
Card Name/
Site name

Rate/ minute 

Connection Fee Total Minutes Rounding

Service Provider

Details/ Buy Options Calling Country/ City Additional Fee/ Comments
India Cities 5.9� $0.00 169/339 3-minute ECI INC Buy $10.00/ $20.00 Hyderabad, Bangalore 79� Maintenance Fee Billed at Midnight after 1st use, then weekly. 15% Taxes may apply.
Just Call Prepaid Phone Card 6� $0.00 83/167 1-minute Not specified Buy $5 / $10 Major Cities/ Mobile Unable to validate the information on the website.
World Wide Phone Card 6.8� $0.00 74 3-minute Not specified Buy $5.00 Hyderabad, Bangalore 49� By-Monthly.
Nobel Hello BANGALORE 6.9� $0.00 435/725 3-minute NobelCom Buy $30.00/ $50.00 Bangalore 69 cents Maintenance Fee per week.
No additional Charges.
Metro Cities Select 7.1� $0.00 138/276 3-minute minimum/ 1-Minute Prepaid online Buy $10.00/ $20.00 Bangalore, Bombay, Hyderabad 59� Next Day Fee. Save an additional 20% using Local Access #'s
Nobel Call BANGALORE 7.9� $0.00 253 2-minute NobelCom Buy $20.00 Bangalore 49� per month Maintenance Fee.
New India Express- Mobile 8.7� $1.25 515 3-minute Telegenius Buy $45.00 Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, New Delhi There is a .99� monthly service fee starting one week after first use.
Nobel 1-Second increments 8.9 $0.00 225/562 1-Second NobelCom Buy $20.00/ $50.00 Bangalore No Extra fees!
SDI Gold Card 11� $0.00 91/182 1-minute MCI Network/ NTSE Buy $10.00/ $19.00/ $20.00 Major Cities No Extra Fees. All India 14.61�
Prepaid Rechargeable 9.5� $0.00 526/
105 Free
1-minute NobelCom Recharge $50 Bangalore No Pins to enter. Direct dial. No Extra Fees. $10 (105 minutes) OFF of first purchase. All India 19.4 Cents.
Capitol City 19.2� $0.00 52/104 3-minute Telegenius Buy $10.00/ $20.00 All India $0.99 monthly maintenance fee 1st applied at midnight after 1st use. 15% end of call tax applies to all calls. A $0.59 hang-up fee will be applied after 1st call.
ClearConnect India-Cities 19.7� $0.00 228 1-Minute ClearConnect Buy $50.00 Sale $45.00 Madras No Extra fees!
Global India Cities  20� $0.00 50/100 3-minute Uses MCI/WorldCom Network Buy $10.00 New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Banglore 60� maintenance fee applies 7 days after first use. Calls originating from 212 and 718 area codes will be charged an additional rate of 2.5 cents per minute. 
Speedy Pin 20� $0.00 50 3-minute MCI/WCOM Buy $10.00 Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi 60� Weekly  maintenance fee.

5 minute call from USA (48 States) to India- Bangalore
Call Cost
Per Minute
Talk Home Pre-Paid Card $0.70 $0.00 $0.139 Talk Home Pre Paid Calling Card - Order Instantly Online! - 1 minute increments - Access available from 14 countries! - No Surcharge Per Call! 
OPEX Communications $0.85 $0.00 $0.170 1+ Service Direct billed via U.S. mail. No monthly fee if over $20 usage. 
CogniWorld 1+ Dialing Program $0.92 $0.00 $0.184 CogniWorld Long Distance Service - 1+ dialing service - no monthly fee or minimum - great USA rates instate and out of state. 
iConnectHere $1.10 $0.00 $0.220 Broadband Phone and PC-to-Phone calling will save you money on long distance and international calls. Get these rates for \$1.95 per month or choose any one of our per minute or monthly calling plans. No hidden fees and no fine print!  
CogniDial $1.25 $0.00 $0.250 CogniDial Toll Free Dial Around Service - 1 minute minimum 6 second billing increments. Automated account setup in 30 minutes or less (in most cases). Actual rates within country may vary please check web site for complete details.  
PNG PowerDial $1.25 $0.00 $0.249 PNG PowerDial is dial around service. 30 second minimum - 6 second billing increments thereafter. No need to change carriers. NO monthly fee!  
PNG Travel Card $1.25 $0.00 $0.249 The PNG stand-alone calling card can be used from home - a cell phone or payphones. 30 second minimum - 6 second billing increments thereafter. A 35� surcharge applies to calls originating from payphones. NO monthly fee!  
Power Net Global Direct Dial Service $1.25 $0.00 $0.249 PNG Power Net Global - Available for both 1+ Direct Dial and Calling Cards with Six second billing and no surcharges (except payphone). Direct billed your choice of paper bill or e-bill with 24 hour live customer support. 
iConnectHere Calling Card $1.25 $0.00 $0.250 No connection fee! Online Call Data Records. International access numbers in 28 countries. Choose between no monthly fee or 65 cents/month nominal service charge. Payphone surcharge only 33 cents per call!  
AccuGlobe Calling Card $1.35 $0.00 $0.271 Six second credit card billing 
USATel Prepaid Card $2.45 $0.00 $0.490 Rechargeable - order online with credit card. NO SURCHARGES!(A 35� Payphone Surcharge may apply). 
AccuDial Dial Around $2.59 $0.00 $0.517 AccuDial Toll Free Dial Around Service - 6 second billing increments 
Covista Communications 1+ $3.20 $0.00 $0.640 Direct billed via U.S. mail. $0.039 Interstate. No monthly fee if over $20 usage. International rates vary based on customer location. Low domestic intrastate rates! 
20.00 minute call to India-Bangalore, from Continental USA
Provider             Call Cost   Surcharge   Per Minute   Features
Reliablecom City Talk $8.95 $3.76 $0.00 $0.179 3 minute billing. Maintenance Fee 49� after the first call, and weekly thereafter.
ValueCom Calling Card $215 $3.99 $0.00 $0.19 3 minute billing. Maintenance Fee 49� per week.
Razacomm-CHOICE $50 $4.85 $0.35 $0.227 1 minute billing. Maintenance Fee 79� Bi-Weekly. 35 cents connection fee.
Qwest Call Bangalore $95 $4.97 $0.00 $0.237 3 Min rounding. 49� weekly maintenance fee.
VDtelecom Smartalk $167.50 $5.86 $0.00 $0.279 3 minute billing. Maintenance Fee 69c weekly. PINs are valid for 2 months from the date of purchase.
Star Universal Platinum $7.14 $0.00 $0.34 3 Min rounding. $0.49 bi-weekly maintenance fee.
Net2Phone Calling Card $9.80 $0.00 $0.49 One minute billing. NO surcharges (except payphone). 
Pc-To-Phone Calls to and from India - PC-To-PC is free, PC-To-Phone starts from 1.77 Rupees/ 1 cent  to call anywhere in the world.
Cheap Long Distance rates from USA to India -
India-20 Cents, Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK-5�, USA-1.9�.
�� Other No Connection Fee Cards
Calling Services to other countries and in USA:
Calling Cards for State-to-State Calls and International Calls - Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK-5�, USA-0.5�.
Long Distance services from USA to anywhere - As low as 1.9 cents per minute on state-to-state calls.
Unlimited-Local and Long Distance services in United States -
$20/month or $1/ day on call made in united states.

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  * Note: Please visit the service Provider's website for additional conditions.
** Disclaimer : Most of the information provided here is latest and collected from their websites. We cannot guaranty the rates, since the companies Rates are subject to change anytime. But we will update the information in a regular basis.

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